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eBizMastery is a full service consulting and education firm dealing with every aspect of Internet and online business including social media marketing. They focus on “macro-marketing” which means creating strategies for each segment of Internet marketing: Social Media and Networking, SEO, PPC, website development, and email marketing. They believe the key to success is not only found in having strategies in place for each of these segments, but in setting up a strategy in each segment that compliments and supports the others.

Having completely mastered the techniques of Internet and online marketing, eBizMastery has developed the best strategies that can be shared with professionals and companies aiming for a long term web presence. YouTube Mastery (YouTube), Tweet Mastery (Twitter), and FB Mastery (Facebook) are online courses in social media and networking given by eBizMastery.

The aim of these courses is to help every individual, professional, or company facing hurdles in optimizing their web related work, videos or any work pertaining to online and social media marketing. For effective learning, the courses are designed in a step by step method, starting with fundamentals, then advanced, and finally the application of the tips and tactics that would bring in more traffic, produce more opt-ins, which in turn create more profit.

Keeping a Macro-Marketing perspective, eBizMastery excels in providing a solution to every tedious and time consuming task faced when creating and maintaining a strong online presence. They stand as a guiding light for companies looking to establish, re-establish, or enhance their web presence so that they can have a solid foothold in their niche.

A great thing about eBizMastery is that it’s a single platform where all the issues related to online marketing can be solved with ease. Rather than what is the current environment where you are depending on many professionals specializing in each segment of Internet marketing who do not understand how their segment relates, supports, and compliments the other segments.

How eBizMastery works? The courses designed by eBizMastery, YouTube Mastery, Tweet Mastery and FB Mastery are powerful tools and videos which help in enhancing your online marketing.

YouTube Mastery is a fractional step down from YouTube. It solves YouTube problems and challenges in a unique way. In addition to the comprehensive course, Michael Bloxton and Nick Bogatin created the acronym “VIEW FUEL”, which actually stands for the 8 essential tips on creating a video to be published on YouTube.

V ??? Video Quality There are only a few basic parameters in exhibiting a good quality video. The first is a camera having good resolution. Sighting plays the next important role as improper lighting would not develop a quality video. Choosing the right area depends on the theme. Microphones are advisable to use for better clarity.

I ??? Invoke Emotion Invoking emotion amongst the viewers is an important aspect which should not be ignored and never underestimated. It’s always nice to share positive experiences with an emotion; it helps in connecting with the viewers.

E ??? Engage Engaging the viewers in less than 30 seconds is a must to be a start of a good video. Visual change, changing angles, color modes are few tips to keep them engaged.

W ??? Witty Content of the videos should not be monotonous and boring. Being alive, personable and witty is advantageous.

F ??? Fast Videos should be quick, not too long but straight to the point.

U ??? Unique A non-distracting and uncommon location makes a video unique and interesting to viewers.

E ??? Effects Graphical effects, pop ups, power point presentations, annotations keeps viewers interested.

L ??? Laser focused. Videos should be consumable and well-focused. Think “bite-sized”.

These are the key elements in making a popular and possibly even viral video which can increase traffic to your website. Creating a good video is important but it is just the beginning. YouTube Mastery picks up on all of the other tips and strategies to optimize YouTube as a source of high quality traffic to your website and programs.

With those valuable tips and tricks, the growing business can keep moving forward.

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