25 Ways to Drive Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website

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Every Internet marketer needs to find ways of getting more traffic to their website. But “more traffic” alone will not bring you more business if it is not “targeted traffic”.

By “targeted traffic” we mean website visitors who will be interested in what you are selling. Don’t make the mistake that a lot of Internet marketers make and buy “guaranteed visitors” from a referral company because in most cases those “guaranteed visitors” will NOT be targeted traffic, and will leave your website straightaway.

So how do you find and attract targeted traffic to your web pages? Is it possible to do it free of charge? Or if you have to pay, is it expensive?

The good news is that there are plenty of free and low cost ways to attract good quality targeted traffic to your website. It will requires some time and effort on your part to master them, but once you’ve done that, you’ll benefit from a steady flow of traffic for years to come.

There are 25 free ways to get traffic to your website that I can think of off hand. To be honest, some of them are more targeted than others, but they can all be tweaked in order to improve the degree to which they will deliver targeted traffic. The key is to think about where your traffic is coming from and then make sure that you direct it to an appropriate page on your website.

Here is my list of the 25 free ways you can get more traffic to your website:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Backlink BuildingArticle MarketingPress ReleasesForum MarketingClassified AdsThank you Page MarketingPosting Blog CommentSocial MarketingGuest BloggingFeeder SitesTwitterVideosNewsletterViral MarketingLink WheelsOnline DirectoriesFree Download WebsitesTell-a-Friend ScriptsEmail SignaturesFacebook Like PagesTraffic ExchangesAd SwappingProduct ReviewsJV Giveaway Events

Although they all require some effort, none of these techniques is difficult to do. Some, such as posting product reviews, can be set up once and will need little or no further input from you. Once you have posted a product review on your website, you can leave it there to do its work and will only need to modify it from time to time.

Other techniques, such as starting a newsletter, will need repeated and concentrated effort if they are to be used to their best advantage.

If you want to get more free targeted traffic to your website, using these techniques will surely help you achieve your goal.

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Rapid Free Traffic-What Is It

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Rapid free traffic… what is it really? Did you ever build a brand new site that got no traffic? Did it take months or even years to generate a nice flow of free traffic to that site? Well, when I say rapid free traffic, I’m talking about building a brand new site and getting tons of visitors to that site when it launches. You could have just finished the website today and have hundreds or even thousands of visitors going to that site in a matter of days. This is why I stress owning your own traffic because you have control over your results. It’s like any business… you want as much control as possible. You may be thinking, “how the heck am I going to own my traffic?” Very simple. You can use a mailing list, a membership site, social media, etc. Just to have some focus, I’ll talk about twitter. Let’s say you just created a brand new site and you have tens of thousands of followers who love your tweets. You know this because you get tons of re-tweets a day off of the links you post. When you tell them to re-tweet, you get more than you expected. You’ll see that your link has been retweeted hundreds of times. What this does is give you more exposure and more followers because your followers are getting the word out to their followers. This may get you an additional 10-20 followers in that same day. Okay, you tell your followers that you launched a brand new site, you tell them to check it out, and you post the link. If you have tens of thousands of followers (real, active followers), you’ll notice that over the course of the week, you’re getting hundreds or even thousands of visitors . Twitter is powerful if you know how to use it.

You may be thinking that it’s impossible to get tens of thousands of followers that will be highly receptive. Right now you may have tens of thousands of followers but they could care less about your tweets. The reason why is because you are getting followers using the old, tired method–you follow them and they follow you. The problem with this is no one cares about the other’s tweets. This is why I do things a little different. I use a very powerful method that I’m just going to give away. In order to reach this level it will take time and patience but you’ll notice a higher level of receptive followers. These people will be the ones that make you a lot of money on a consistent basis.

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How To Increase Traffic From Free Search Engines?

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Free search engines are undoubtedly the biggest and most authentic source for web traffic to a website or blog, irrespective of the type of niche it deals in. That is the reason why many people rely on search engine traffic for the success of their online ventures. Better ranking in people search engines can provide you with an easy and direct access to millions of online visitors. SEO optimization is the key to success in this regard. The following is a brief rundown on how it works.

Attract Your Target Audience Before you jump into any kind of internet marketing campaign, it is important to ensure that the web pages on your site have been laid out properly and in an impressive manner. An under-construction page is often a big turn-off for the visitors, so make sure your site is loaded with valuable content on every page and that all links are working properly. Free search engines look into these factors while ranking different sites.

Keyword Usage

To attract your target audience, you will have to target certain keywords. Several keyword research tools are available on the Internet for free. Do some brainstorming and shortlist some relevant keywords. The idea is to use them in the content of your website in a way that makes reading interesting for both human readers as well as spiders of website search engines. The placement of the keywords is very important. Some natural places include the body of the content, page headings, navigation, and page titles.

Back links

When it comes to getting web traffic from free search engines, back links also play a crucial role. The more back links you have, the better ranking you can achieve in a very short time. So focus on creating as many genuine back links as you can. Do not wait for this process to happen naturally. Even if you have quality content on your website, it may take several months before other bloggers, webmasters, or other users start providing you with links from other websites, blogs, forums, or social networking websites. So it is better to take the initiative right from the beginning when you launch your site. You can join forums, leave comments in other related blogs, participate in social networking websites, and submit your site to the website or blog directories. To save time, you always have the option to avail professional services to perform these tasks.


All your efforts may go in vain if you do not submit to search engines. Search engine submission is a very simple process. The submission process does not take longer than two minutes. Submitting your site to hundreds of search engines, however, will obviously turn out to be a highly time-consuming task. There are several submit search engines services that you can avail to save your time and perform the task in an efficient manner.

There are several advanced options also, but even if you focus only on these basics, you can help your site get better ranking in free search engines.

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Traffic Voodoo Review – How You Can Increase Site Traffic And Commissions

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Do you wish to learn precisely the way to improve web page traffic and commissions utilizing the Traffic Voodoo Process? This package combines the most potent online traffic generation strategies and combines it into 1 step-by-step method capable of driving targeted traffic to any web page. A single of one of the most highly effective techniques is that of video advertising and marketing, whereby you use the strong of videos to draw within the attention of men and women on the technique has proven to be actually strong for me, specifically since most men and women are really looking for video articles very first rather than searching for written articles by way of the search engines. An additional benefit that video advertising and marketing gets is that the well-liked search engines for instance Google will crawl video web sites each 2 minutes. Traffic Voodoo utilizes a straightforward process of creating slide show videos utilizing graphics and simple to acquire content material.

1. Do You Need To Invest Funds To Earn Funds From The Traffic Voodoo Method?

One particular of probably the most powerful strategies inside the method makes use of pay per click advertising, so it would involve some costs in case you opt for to go down that path, even though it is possible to also decide on to prevent it totally in the event you do not wish to devote dollars. Take note that it does not involve Google AdWords though. Rather, it takes advantage with the enormous potential in advertising using Facebook ads, which has been tested and proven to gain highly targeted traffic, is a great deal less expensive and consequently a fantastic alternative to conventional PPC procedures.

Even so, you’ll find still marketers putting up Facebook PPC ad campaigns employing the wrong approaches and costing them a bunch of income without seeing much results.

2. Is The Traffic Voodoo Method Genuinely Appropriate For you personally?

Before you get this package, ensure that you go via the Traffic Launcher Formula course that Jeff provides for free, specially if you’re a newbie who is just starting out. This course is already capable of earning you some cash to obtain started, and once you try out this course, you will know regardless of whether the Traffic Voodoo technique is appropriate for you personally.

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