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Exposure becomes very important when it comes to business prosperity and enhancement. Advertising and marketing is the main key to success in any online business. In the present age, Internet has proven its importance in everyday life and has become essential for companies to advertise their products and services online so that more and more people could be aware of it. Companies make informative and attractive websites to be viewed by their potential customers. Those websites which are viewed by many people is said to receive heavy traffic. Chances of business grow with the increase in viewers’ traffic. In order to receive traffic regularly, companies submit their websites to web directories. A web directory is a place available on the Internet where the website is submitted. It is a place where thousands of websites and links are divided into different categories with relevant information and available to view by the viewers. Web directory can also be thought of as cyber yellow pages directory. Basically, it is a collection of major bookmarks that are available to the viewers as the first priority while searching on relevant topic. There are several web directories available online, such as, Yahoo, MSN, Google, Alexa, Altavista, AOL, Netscape, Overture, Excite, TEOMA, and many more. There are many ways to get listed on any web directory. One way is to register free that is offered by many websites and the other way is to pay one-time fee and register for lifetime. There are numerous benefits associated with getting your website listed in web directories. It allows and encourages thousands of people to view your website which can be done through backlinking, traffic control, or search engines. This is known as increased traffic of prospective customers and companies. It helps in making your presence online just like your presence in the real world. It also helps in boosting your website’s ranking in the search engine which is very important when it comes to prioritize web search because search engines prefer to show those websites whose ranking is higher and reliable. Getting listed is entirely cost effective because it does not require physical occurrence, staff members, 24/7 maintenance, or dress code. You just need to concentrate on making your website highly informative and attractive so that it could become center of attention among other competitors’ websites. Big Splash Websites is another reliable and compatible web directory that advertise websites for free. Big Splash helps you in many ways by increasing traffic and link popularity of your website. There are no charges to register your website and it will help in boosting your web page’s ranking in the search engine. Big Splash Websites Directory performs as the perfect platform to showcase and display your website to the world for free. You can focus on your products and increase brand awareness online in the most effective way possible.

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