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eBizMastery is a full service consulting and education firm dealing with every aspect of Internet and online business including social media marketing. They focus on “macro-marketing” which means creating strategies for each segment of Internet marketing: Social Media and Networking, SEO, PPC, website development, and email marketing. They believe the key to success is not only found in having strategies in place for each of these segments, but in setting up a strategy in each segment that compliments and supports the others.

Having completely mastered the techniques of Internet and online marketing, eBizMastery has developed the best strategies that can be shared with professionals and companies aiming for a long term web presence. YouTube Mastery (YouTube), Tweet Mastery (Twitter), and FB Mastery (Facebook) are online courses in social media and networking given by eBizMastery.

The aim of these courses is to help every individual, professional, or company facing hurdles in optimizing their web related work, videos or any work pertaining to online and social media marketing. For effective learning, the courses are designed in a step by step method, starting with fundamentals, then advanced, and finally the application of the tips and tactics that would bring in more traffic, produce more opt-ins, which in turn create more profit.

Keeping a Macro-Marketing perspective, eBizMastery excels in providing a solution to every tedious and time consuming task faced when creating and maintaining a strong online presence. They stand as a guiding light for companies looking to establish, re-establish, or enhance their web presence so that they can have a solid foothold in their niche.

A great thing about eBizMastery is that it’s a single platform where all the issues related to online marketing can be solved with ease. Rather than what is the current environment where you are depending on many professionals specializing in each segment of Internet marketing who do not understand how their segment relates, supports, and compliments the other segments.

How eBizMastery works? The courses designed by eBizMastery, YouTube Mastery, Tweet Mastery and FB Mastery are powerful tools and videos which help in enhancing your online marketing.

YouTube Mastery is a fractional step down from YouTube. It solves YouTube problems and challenges in a unique way. In addition to the comprehensive course, Michael Bloxton and Nick Bogatin created the acronym “VIEW FUEL”, which actually stands for the 8 essential tips on creating a video to be published on YouTube.

V ??? Video Quality There are only a few basic parameters in exhibiting a good quality video. The first is a camera having good resolution. Sighting plays the next important role as improper lighting would not develop a quality video. Choosing the right area depends on the theme. Microphones are advisable to use for better clarity.

I ??? Invoke Emotion Invoking emotion amongst the viewers is an important aspect which should not be ignored and never underestimated. It’s always nice to share positive experiences with an emotion; it helps in connecting with the viewers.

E ??? Engage Engaging the viewers in less than 30 seconds is a must to be a start of a good video. Visual change, changing angles, color modes are few tips to keep them engaged.

W ??? Witty Content of the videos should not be monotonous and boring. Being alive, personable and witty is advantageous.

F ??? Fast Videos should be quick, not too long but straight to the point.

U ??? Unique A non-distracting and uncommon location makes a video unique and interesting to viewers.

E ??? Effects Graphical effects, pop ups, power point presentations, annotations keeps viewers interested.

L ??? Laser focused. Videos should be consumable and well-focused. Think “bite-sized”.

These are the key elements in making a popular and possibly even viral video which can increase traffic to your website. Creating a good video is important but it is just the beginning. YouTube Mastery picks up on all of the other tips and strategies to optimize YouTube as a source of high quality traffic to your website and programs.

With those valuable tips and tricks, the growing business can keep moving forward.

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Exposure becomes very important when it comes to business prosperity and enhancement. Advertising and marketing is the main key to success in any online business. In the present age, Internet has proven its importance in everyday life and has become essential for companies to advertise their products and services online so that more and more people could be aware of it. Companies make informative and attractive websites to be viewed by their potential customers. Those websites which are viewed by many people is said to receive heavy traffic. Chances of business grow with the increase in viewers’ traffic. In order to receive traffic regularly, companies submit their websites to web directories. A web directory is a place available on the Internet where the website is submitted. It is a place where thousands of websites and links are divided into different categories with relevant information and available to view by the viewers. Web directory can also be thought of as cyber yellow pages directory. Basically, it is a collection of major bookmarks that are available to the viewers as the first priority while searching on relevant topic. There are several web directories available online, such as, Yahoo, MSN, Google, Alexa, Altavista, AOL, Netscape, Overture, Excite, TEOMA, and many more. There are many ways to get listed on any web directory. One way is to register free that is offered by many websites and the other way is to pay one-time fee and register for lifetime. There are numerous benefits associated with getting your website listed in web directories. It allows and encourages thousands of people to view your website which can be done through backlinking, traffic control, or search engines. This is known as increased traffic of prospective customers and companies. It helps in making your presence online just like your presence in the real world. It also helps in boosting your website’s ranking in the search engine which is very important when it comes to prioritize web search because search engines prefer to show those websites whose ranking is higher and reliable. Getting listed is entirely cost effective because it does not require physical occurrence, staff members, 24/7 maintenance, or dress code. You just need to concentrate on making your website highly informative and attractive so that it could become center of attention among other competitors’ websites. Big Splash Websites is another reliable and compatible web directory that advertise websites for free. Big Splash helps you in many ways by increasing traffic and link popularity of your website. There are no charges to register your website and it will help in boosting your web page’s ranking in the search engine. Big Splash Websites Directory performs as the perfect platform to showcase and display your website to the world for free. You can focus on your products and increase brand awareness online in the most effective way possible.

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Tutorial sites offer a great way to get traffic and almost nobody knows about them. There are people out there hungry to learn how to do stuff in every single niche and you can be the one to teach them. Your excellent video tutorials will get them clicking to your site for more of the valuable, high-quality info you provide.

Why Tutorials?

When you’re an Internet marketer, you’re also a teacher. You’re sharing your interest with the world and teaching them how to do things that improve their lives, make them money, make them happy, etc. Whether you realize it or not, you’re teaching people through your info products, website content, articles and auto responder messages. Why not do it directly through tutorials?

Tutorials also help you to brand yourself as an authority in your niche. Think about it – if you found a writing website run by a guy or gal who teaches writing workshops, doesn’t your image of that person’s authority shoot up suddenly? You’re doing the same thing by producing tutorials. It doesn’t bring you the cred that teaching offline workshops might, but it comes pretty close.

Another great reason to make tutorials is that it’s incredibly easy. All you need is a program for recording video and some good content. And content is easy to come up with.

How It’s Done

Creating tutorial content is no different than creating written content. What is something that you could teach your audience? It doesn’t have to be anything advanced. For example, teach them how to set up a WordPress blog. That’s simple but lots of people are clueless about it. Focus on how to do things and keep it simple.

Your tutorials can be just a few minutes long. In fact, it’s a good idea to keep them short. Don’t try to tackle everything. If you’ve got something somewhat involved that you want to teach, break it up into steps and make a tutorial for each.

For example, if I were to make a tutorial on article marketing with Ezine Articles, I’d break it up into three –

1) how to write an article

2) submitting articles to Ezine

3) monitoring stats. This gives you three quick and easy tutorials that won’t overwhelm anybody, and you’ll get three for one.

Where To Submit Your Tutorials

The final step is to submit your tutorials. The web is full of free tutorial sites where people go who are looking for ‘how to’ information. These sites have the potential to send thousands of visitors to your site.

Just like article marketing, I recommend picking a handful and submitting. Then watch your stats. If one isn’t getting you traffic, drop it and look for another. Unless you’ve got a good virtual assistant to do your submitting for you, it can become pretty time consuming and tedious.

Without further ado, here’s a list of tutorial sites that you can submit your videos to:

Ok that’s it for this article; seriously this is just another way of building your brand and giving more exposure to your online activities. Video is a great way of doing this and certainly helps to build your authority and reputation within your niches in which you operate. But the most important thing is to get started, and do it now

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For those of you who want to learn how to get website traffic, social network marketing is the way to go and you must not miss the boat.

Many organizations and businesses have slowly realized the importance and power of social network marketing. Many have started to use social networking to market their products and services. If you want to know how to get website traffic by using social network marketing as well, these are the most popular social marketing websites that you must know.

Facebook is the leading social community online. With over 400 million users, there has never been a better way to maximize your exposure, and get your message seen by a massive customer base. If you knew how to get website traffic using Facebook, you are almost guaranteed a massive and consistent traffic.

To get more traffic to your websites using Facebook, besides the normal features of sharing a product or services which you wanted to promote/market, you can also choose to advertise with Facebook.

You can customize your advertisements so they appear only to specific groups or segments of people based on the information contained within their profile or based on gender, location or personal preferences.

The above is a general picture on how to get website traffic using Facebook. We shall now move on to another popular social networking website, MySpace.

MySpace began in 2003 and is one of the largest social networking sites in the world now. MySpace has been proven to be an effective marketing tool and popular among those who want to know how to drive traffic to your website.

MySpace is a place where you can create a free profile, your MySpace page and start connecting with any of your other friends. How to get website traffic using MySpace? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. What you need to do is posting friendly personalized bulletins with your website links included. When you post the bulletins on your MySpace page, they will be posted on each of your friend’s MySpace pages as well at the same time. If you have 5000 MySpace friends, that means you can literally have a message sent to all these 5000 people for free. Can you imagine the free website traffic that will flow into your website when these 5000 people click on the website links, or pass on your bulletins to any of their other friends?

Twitter is a simple social networking website that lets you share with your friends about what you’re doing – right now! It’s a constantly updated stream of news from people all around the world. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to see every Twitter user’s Tweets. You can choose who you want to “Follow” and others can choose to “Follow” you. And it’s these followers who you can converse (tweet) with.

There is massive potential in this mini social networking site to meet other like-minded people, share info and web site links. Twitter is a perfect platform to grow followers who will be your potential customers for your business.

The above are the 3 most popular websites that you must know in learning how to get website traffic using social network marketing. Having a general idea about what they are, now is time to put them into practice!

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For example, once you google the term ‘internet promotion training’, you will see theres ton of results, all those websites listed in the middle column are known as organic search engine optimization. Those that appear for the right column is called paid search engine optimisation.

Organic search results are free – and therefore you don’t need to compensate a penny to get the website listed. But automatically, the search engines mainly list 10 results a page. If your website is listed over the first page, then you’ll get a flood associated with free traffic.

However, getting your website onto the page is easier said than done. Ranking on top is one thing, maintaining the top job is another. You don’t want your internet site to rank for a few days and then drop deep down never to be seen again.

To acquire perpetual traffic, you require your website on the most notable position and stay at this time there. To do that, you’ll want a strategy! And that is what you are going to get in the Perpetual Traffic Formula exercise program.

Although the training focuses a good deal on getting your websites stay upon the search engines, Ryan Deiss also walks you over the EXACT PROCESS of accomplishing and maintaining top ranking to your website.

I want to ALERT you right now that there is works involved on your part should you wish to use the strategy taught in such a course. But if anyone implement the strategy best suited, you are going in order to savor the fruits of a person’s labors.

This training course is very suitable for people who are involved in subject marketing. If you have several niche websites, the strategy taught around Perpetual Traffic Formula will allow you to create some nice unaggressive income.
Searching for a review of the revolutionary Perpetual Traffic Formula review? This new system has long been created to generate new visitors from the most used search engines such because Google, Yahoo and Msn. By being able to acquire this free traffic consistently from search engines like google, Ryan has been competent to continually earn large commissions sales it is always seeking to better his techniques.

Ryan Deiss is your highly reputable and experienced Affilite marketer who has created this new coaching program that can help beginners who have very little to no experience to get started on generating their own traffic online to have a full time income on the net.

1. What Is Perpetual Traffic Formula Information on?

Basically, there are many ways to increase website traffic from search engines like yahoo. One of the solutions, otherwise known as charcoal hat strategies, includes methods along the lines of creating 1, 000s of back back links quickly using spam tools or producing lots of useless junk content and distributing them throughout the web to get tourists. This often quick and yet frown upon method is not advisable because they are extremely short lived and they often get the user forbidden quickly.

2. How You Boost The Rankings with the Sites Using Perpetual Page views Formula?

With Perpetual Visitors Formula, the goal is always to consistently build back one way links, adding highly relevant together with quality content and steadily accumulating new sites and links to enhance the rankings of internet sites or blogs.

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Internet entrepreneurs need to use websites, but websites only have any value or use if they have traffic flowing to them. A fancy website is worthless without traffic, and even the most simple site can make a fortune if it is flooded with visitors. Here are some simple, effective, free ways to generate more targeted website traffic to grow your business.

Search Engine Marketing for Free TrafficFree advertising is widely available online, and the search engines are one of the most powerful examples of free internet marketing. Websites that get ranked well in the search results get free traffic on autopilot. Website owners should put effort into getting their websites found, listed, and ranked well in the major internet search engines. Search engine optimization takes time to do successfully, but the result it an automated source of free and targeted website traffic. Mastering the search engines takes time, and taking shortcuts will not offer lasting results. Other aspects include keyword usage and link popularity.

Using Free Article Submission SiteOne of the simplest ways to get targeted traffic to your website is by writing and submitting articles to article directories like this one. There are two benefits to this. First of all, anyone who reads your article will be exposed to a link to your website. And secondly, your articles provide quality in pointing links from credible websites to your website, which is one of the biggest components of SEO. Write short articles on topics that will attract the kind of readers who would enjoy your website. You can submit your articles to various free article sites which can lead to a nice traffic and search engine ranking boost. Having a hard time coming up with ideas of articles? Just think about what types of things your target audience would enjoy reading, or take content from your own website and reword it and expand it into various articles.

Social Media Sites Are UsefulJust about everyone is into social networking, and that includes business owners, entrepreneurs, and webmasters. You can drive great traffic by becoming valued member of niche related community sites. Find and join groups that are related to your niches. You can even begin your own groups. Do not go overboard with promotion, and take time to build a reputable presence, to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Then people will be more than happy to visit your site for more info. Using social media will not give you instant results, but you can begin planting seeds that will one day be very profitable for you.

Use a Blog/RSSTo grow an ever-increasing number of visitors to your website, you will want to focus on getting more unique visitors (first timers) and return visitors. A simple, informative, content rich blog with an RSS feed is a perfect way to establish a large following of return traffic. And there is another benefit of a blog, and that is that the search engines love fresh content, and therefore they love blogs. Your blog can get some great exposure to your site from the search engines leading to more free traffic.

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These days, several web sites are offering the freebies to the potential clients from all around the globe. People could get a range of freebies for their special use. Freebies are a wonderful way of receiving several helpful stuffs devoid of any cost. Through the freebies web sites people could get items for everyday use and some unique and costly stuff.

Several web sites offer freebies to their guests. It comprises cash cards, grocery gift cards, gift tokens and electronic and electrical stuff. Though, people might ask that why anybody will provide away freebies? In fact it is a well-liked practice in the market research.

Prior to introducing a new creation in the market, at the present time companies prefer to acquire customer’s outlook. They wish to get customer’s views (negative or positive) for other comparable products in the market, therefore that they could make their products improved. Targeted clients could offer their feedback as well as view using a predesigned type containing a number of appropriate questions. Finally, they are proffered a freebie to analysis the quality as evaluated to other products in the market.

What People Could Get As Freebies?

Originally, freebies web sites used to offer cheaper and simple products such as books, diapers, beauty products (such as shampoo and conditioners) family goods or costumes. Though, these days one could acquire electronic stuff such as digital camera, laptops, high end mobile phones (from Motorola, Blackberry and Apple) and Apple iPad.

Therefore, if you get a web site promising to offer an Apple iPhone then do not think it is a scam. Normally most of the people do not consider that they could get such costly stuff for free. However actually it is true. In several cases people could benefit free cash rewards like freebies on some purchases.

Everybody loves freebies therefore it is no doubt that when used properly, they could do magnificent things for your web site traffic. Online freebies are very well-liked and they leave web site visitors wanting more, if they are useful and informative materials.

* To create web site traffic, reflect on giving a free eBook that has your advertisement on it. It is even a great idea to permit the visitors to then offer the book to others too. This is a wonderful way to augment your exposure.

* You can send free CDs or DVDs containing a teaser starter set to support the recipients for using your site more regularly.

* Another actually wonderful way to increase web site traffic is to offer free online classes or seminars. You could virtually establish a chat room on your web site. Live information is forever tempting to people therefore they would want to visit.

* Offer free templates for business cards, cards, letterhead or almost anything else that could be printed out. Moreover, do not disregard the free screen savers.

* Allow the visitors to download free software comprising shareware and freeware. This is a smart way to obtain fresh web site traffic since you will comprise your advertisement in it as well as people could pass it on others.

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These free web traffic strategies will show you how to increase website traffic for free.

You can either spend money and pay for traffic or you can spend time to get free traffic. This article is about how to increase website traffic for free.

* Write Each Day – For best results you should write at least one blog post per day. If you really mean business then I would suggest blogging 3 times per day. Each blog post you write becomes like your own online real estate that can generate blog traffic for you for years to come. It is a slow process at first but if you are consistent as you start blogging and keep it up for several months in a row then your progress will exponentially grow. Each blog post is permanent and generates traffic well beyond the date it was initially typed up on.

* Press Releases – You can often get quick traffic from a press release based upon your articles and blog posts. You can edit an existing article into a press release simply by tweaking it to be in a more 3rd person journalistic tone and by putting your key bullet points into quotes. Or you could just write a press release announcing your latest blog post. Then submit and you can get into Google News for a nice traffic spike.

* Facebook Traffic – Facebook is a goldmine of free website traffic. All you have to do is go to a relevant Facebook Group and post a link to your blog post and people will check it out. Many people are put of by this because many groups have so many spammy looking links and adverts in them. But if you take the time to find a quality group that moderates spam then you can simply post a link to your post.

The key with Facebook web traffic marketing is to write an interesting blog post that teaches the reader something and then approach the Group by saying you thought your blog post will help others in that Group. Also ask questions about what people think in terms of your blog post. Including video in the post is another way to increase Facebook web traffic.

* YouTube – Convert articles to video and submit to YouTube to make the most of them. You can simply create a slide show in power point based non your article bullet points and record using free screen capture software called CamStudio. Then re-submit to YouTube for video marketing traffic.

* Submit To Article Directories – Take each article and blog post and submit it to article directories. I like to re-word it slightly and use a different heading. It is not essential to mass blast it out there with Article Marketing Robot or SeNuke, but to manually submit to EzineArticles, Idea Marketers, ArticlesBase, and Go Articles is a good starting point. You can also use a service like to help. Give some of your already existing blog posts backlinks within these articles as well, and have one link to a squeeze page.

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Increase Website Traffic

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There are numerous ways to increase website traffic .This article focuses on 2 of the most effective methods – article marketing and video marketing.

Second, do not get too overwhelmed by the limelight and focus on yourself and not on what you want to advertise. Sometimes, people become too carried away with the idea that they are going to have some minutes of popularity when they are marketing with videos. This makes them forget to actually market their product thus defeating the purpose of web video marketing.

Advertisers know this and will typically pay more per tweet on accounts where the tweeter follows less people, they don’t care if it costs you followers, they’re just looking for the highest clickthrough rate possible. Tweeters wanting to only follow a fraction of their followers argue that it quickly becomes too difficult to follow every tweet in your timeline when you follow back everyone. However this argument becomes immaterial after you follow as little as 500 active tweeters because it is impossible to keep up with that many tweets and most business tweeters, even those who don’t follow back, still follow thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of people.

The footage that you will be using for your internet video marketing campaigns can be of two types; long and short. It is a good practice to make a shorter version for every long video. The short videos can be used for the initial phase of your marketing where you will tell the visitor all about your site in a brief period of one to two minutes. The long videos can be used in your site to explain the procedures and methods to use your site.

Often, links are generated, banklinks are created, and keywords are added and edited. These changes are reflected in the specialized tool. You would also get an insight data, such as estimated average CPC, Google Search Volume, Estimated cost per day, and estimated clicks per day. No wonder you have a formidable weapon with you to deal with the tough competition in SEO.

The first and foremost relevant tip in regards to Video SEO is choosing the suitable Target Keywords for your video. The use of only two to three keywords is the standard limit for each video. The target keywords used must point out accurately the idea of the video content. Use the chosen keywords wherever you want it to be – – – Page Title, Title Description, and Tags anywhere. Your video will be ranked higher for the same search terms when you choose suitable target keywords and optimizing your video to use them.

When you agree that the seo traffic can be a game, shows your interest in playing it. Well, let us start learning it then. When you generally start to assume about the seo traffic, you would have done a keyword research? Searched relevant forums? Blogs? Directories? Bookmark your pages? What not, everything that comes to your mind… so, how many of you have originally got a rank with these tactics? Stop here and think for a while… ”Hmm… We got some traffic, but not satisfactory traffic, not even positioning with my business keywords” is that your answer? Then, you are right. If you got a very good results after doing those tactics which are been followed since many years, you may end-up reading here. It’s not for you.

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People loves getting something for free. In many cases, people are often seen stuffing hundreds of forms into contest ballot boxes, and at times filling them up for hours at a time. It is actually unreal what people will do for a freebie, the same holds true with your website. If you are attempting in targeting more traffic and increasing your website production, then you definitely should take into account in adding free downloads to your website. Free downloads are incredibly popular to all internet users today. With several websites charging for crazy prices for the smallest download, a freebie is definitely most welcomed. By offering free downloads, you will notice an increase in your website traffic and people who use your site will keep returning. It is a superb move to make and can end up being very inexpensive at the same time.

When scouting for which downloads to incorporate in your website, you will find out that downloadable e-books are probably the least difficult to utilize. E-books are generally partial or complete books on various subjects. You may also write the ebook content on your own. There are e-books which have been previously written and are available for anybody to utilize on their website. If you would like to provide your website visitors something fresh and also fascinating, you ought to just use unique materials which has never been published on the internet before. This allows your website to be new and fascinating for your web users.

Immediately after choosing to utilize e-books as your free downloadable reward to your website visitors, you will have to select the topics you would like to work with. If you would like, you could stick to one basic theme for your website. If you have a website that is about dolls, then you might wish to just include free downloadable e-books that have to do with the main topic of dolls. This enables your website visitors to obtain more than what they have anticipated which is a great thing. They will more than likely bookmark you website and continue to come back for more information and free downloads. They might even inform their friends about your website.

In case you are setting up a website that only contains e-books, then you most definitely want to use e-books in a wide selection of topics. Group them by topic or theme to make it seem organized. If this is your strategy, you may need to employ professional writers who may help you with this task. If your website will only contain e-books, you can definitely consider the writing to be a bit too much to handle on your own. You can take the services of freelance writers to help you with this task, to help you create a powerful writing content and also to take the stress away from you.

When you will be using just one or two e-books on your existing website, make sure you provide a new e-book as frequently as you possibly can. You could change the e-book weekly or even monthly. Offer something new to your visitors as they are more likely to revisit your site to check if anything is totally new quite often. You could make an “announcement” on your website informing your them every time a new e-book will be offered. This can give them a solid idea as to when they can expect it and help them to continue to be determined in coming back to you website. If you like, you can also let your website visitors to subscribe for emails which will alert them each time a new e-book is available. This will guarantee they will never forget.

Regardless of whether you write the downloadable e-books yourself or got the services of a professional writer to help you, you will definitely notice an improved website traffic. Web users feel appreciated when you offer the something for free, such as the downloadable e-book. With the free, you are letting them know that you are welcoming them into your website, not just to take their money, but to help them acquire information at the same time. This is an excellent method to build a great reputation and a dedicated number of website visitors. So, proceed to start planning your own e-books today. The earlier you have them published on your website, the sooner you will notice an increase in your website traffic.

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