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Traffic Building and SEO are tough! And unfortunately it is about to get much tougher, is your business ready?

In the past.Basic automation programs have come and gone, all promising to totally automate things, and failing to deliver. Google usually catches on quickly to these products, such as Comment Kahuna, and penalizes users who use them for spamming.

Google usually catches on and forces marketers back to having to do all the labor themselves, writing and researching all of their articles, actually participating in chat rooms, and on blogs. And everything, for the most part, was put “right” again.

TodayPowerful products have been in the works now for Years that will allow their owners to automate the process of getting web traffic.

These epic advances will allow the users to not only optimize their main stream link building efforts, but also their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media campaigns.

Developers are creating products that will research your articles for you, and then compose and submit articles based on that research

The futureHere is whatthe scary part, that future is just about to hit! Products, like Epic Traffic Systems , are being released in 2010 that will change forever the way the internet marketing community does business.

As with all major developments, it is going to be get on board or get out of the way. Automation, just like outsourcing is the wave of the future. Those who catch the wave will be more likely to ride it out that those who ignore the change.

Planning.Doing more and doing it faster would be an advisable goal for anyone who is trying to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of internet marketing. Now is the time to gather your forces, and get ready to battle for you position in the market, because theepic change is almost here.

By 000x